Day Care

From birth until the start of school, your child is received in facilities that serve families by providing quality care.

The 9 Terre Sainte communes, grouped together in AJET (Association pour l’accueil de jour des enfants de Terre Sainte) (Terre Sainte Child Day Care Association)), provide approximately 500 day care places for children of the region, distributed between a nursery-day care centre (Les Coppalines), a family day care programme (AMF) and 7 day care facilities for schoolchildren (UAPEs).

The role of AJET is to ensure the implementation of the Child Day Care Act (Loi sur l’accueil de jour des enfants) (LAJE 2006) which requires that care services be made affordable for all the people in the network. This means that rates must be set in relation to parents' resources. The rates at which parents are invoiced for services must therefore depend on their income, and this must apply to all the network's services. Besides, the maximum cost may not exceed the cost of the service being provided in the network. On the other hand, LAJE offers financial assistance managed by the Fondation pour l’accueil de jour des enfants (Child Day Care Foundation) (FAJE). The communes also help cover the deficit.

AJET also aims to develop the various forms of child day care, whether by increasing the number of places available in close collaboration with the communes, or by expanding care possibilities.

AJET presentation brochure