After-school care facilities for schoolchildren (UAPEs)

From the moment your child starts attending school, he or she is received in after-school facilities that provide top-quality, professional care.

UAPEs are open on all schooldays and closed during school holidays. They offer approximately 400 places and are set up on the compounds of schools located in Chavannes-de-Bogis (called Bogis-Chavannes), Commugny, Coppet, Crans, Founex, Mies and Tannay. The children of the Chavannes-de-Bogis commune also have the benefit of these care facilities in the village where they attend school.

Care is available for children from 4 to 10 years old (1P to 6P), from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm, outside of class hours (timetables). A meal certified "Green Fork" is provided during the midday break (menus of the week).

These care facilities have been managed since 2004 by professionals, in accordance with the directives on collective after-school care published by the Office de l'accueil de jour des enfants (child day care office) (OAJE), and rely on qualified staff who arrange a variety of educational and recreational activities for the children, such as handiwork, pastry making and a range of games. These different activities are based on a pedagogical approach common to all the facilities.

UAPEs as living spaces

UAPEs are places of transition and take part in educating children by inculcating in them principles that complement family and school education.

They constitute a living space which we wish to be welcoming both to children and their parents.

UAPEs have different capacities for receiving children depending on the surface area of the premises.

The teams supervising the children consist of educators trained in the world of children, socio-educational assistants and socio-educational auxiliaries at a ratio of 12 children per adult. We also receive interns and trainee educators.

The role of the teams is educational and social. Their task is to create the specific conditions that will give meaning to the concepts discussed below.

It is therefore crucial to allow them time away from children so that they can prepare meaningful activities.

UAPEs are:

Living spaces where children can:

  • Experiment, undertake things, "do nothing" => daydream, be bored, rest.
  • learn to dare to say what they are thinking and how to say it.
  • learn mutual respect/respect for things.
  • develop self-esteem.
  • do homework.
  • learn to manage food:
    • differentiating between needs and pleasure,
    • how much,
    •  feeling hunger, thirst,
    •  serving themselves.

We take account of the basic developmental needs and interests of the children in our care, within the limits imposed by school timetables and caring for a whole group.

Another of our aims is to keep alive the aspect of children's dreams and imagination through their need to play, which is indispensable to their development as persons.

Our challenge is therefore to ensure harmony between children's needs and their environment.

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