Family day care

From 3 months up to 12 years of age, your child is able to develop and thrive in a family setting.

Family day carers or minders are trusted persons who receive up to 5 children in their home (including their own children of less than 12 years of age). They provide a quality environment based on respect, dialogue and security, and, in addition to a balanced meal, offer a range of activities and games for the children.

Family day care has been part of AJET since 1 April 2010. Some 20 family carers receive children aged 3 months to 12 years in their homes, from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, all year round.

They are supervised by a coordinator and have been trained and authorized to provide care in keeping with the family day care directives issued by the Office de l'accueil de jour des enfants (OAJE) (child day care office).

The law on family day care of children in Vaud (loi vaudoise sur l’accueil familial de jour des enfants, LAJE) took effect on 1 September 2006. It requires persons receiving children in their home against remuneration and on a regular, daily and long-term basis, to be "authorized and affiliated to a family day care coordination facility."

The coordinator is responsible for proper functioning of the whole and, amongst other things, is charged with:

  • Recruiting host families (excerpts from police records and checking with the Service de protection de la jeunesse, SPJ (youth protection department),
  • evaluating the capacity to provide care by means of a social survey,
  • managing the facility (basic and continuing training),
  • registering parent requests, planning of placements,
  • the monitoring and follow-up of the quality of the care.

In the event of problems, she also acts as mediator between parents and host families.

Regulations on Family Day Care (Règlement de l’Accueil en milieu familial)


Regulations on Family Day Care (Règlement de l’Accueil en milieu familial - 2015 Version - French)

Fee schedule for Family Day Care (Grille tarifaire de l’Accueil en milieu familial)

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The pre-registration form below can be downloaded, completed and returned to the coordinator, whose contact details are also given below. Simultaneously submitting attestations of employment for both parents makes it possible to determine priority criteria immediately and can facilitate the child's placement. The placement agreement is being provided here for information purposes only. It will be completed by the parents and the family day carer (AMF programme) at the time of validating the placement.

Pre-registration form

Attestation of employment

Placement agreement

Contact, 022 776 89 02, AJET, Chemin du Collège 26, 1279 Chavannes-de-Bogis