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The Grandir en Terre Sainte (Growing up in Terre Sainte) website was developed by the 9 communes of Terre Sainte in order to address all matters relating to childhood and adolescence in our region.

It is intended both for children and teenagers as well as parents seeking useful information.

It covers not just matters relating to day care (pre-school - crèchesfamily day careand after-school care - UAPE) and schooling, but also those relating to extra-curricular activities, whether cultural or sporting, the responsible political authorities, as well as all contacts useful to the development of the young people of Terre Sainte.





30.10.2018 - Terre Sainte holiday activity centre

Still encountering a great success, the Terre Sainte holiday activity centre will open its doors the folloowing weeks in 2018 :

9 to 13 of April
9 to 13 of July  
16 to 20 of July
15 to 19 of October

Registration is already available either on our internet portal or with the paper formular.


01.06.2017 - 2017-18 school buses for Primary (7P, 8P) and Secondary (9S, 10S, 11S) students

Below are the school buses areas following the letter recently sent to all related students.

1P to 6P perimeter

7P & 8P perimeter

9S, 10S, 11S perimeter

18.01.2017 - Year 2017-2018 after school care facilities preregistration

Preregistration for 2017-18 school year will be open until the 24th of March 2017. It can be processed either through our web portal or with the following formulars (preregistration (new) / preregistration (existing)).

05.09.2016 - La Baraka (youth and leisure centre)

La Baraka is a place of encounters and activities for young people from the 7th to 11th Harmos years of school. Registrations for the 2016-17 school year are now available and you can register your child with the following formular (CHF 50.- per year). Moreover, a program of activities is availble on this site from now on. For example, during the months of September and October, your child will be able to participe to various activities such as "Barakanta", "Le Grand Jeu" or "Le Grand repas", and also to external activities such as Forestland in Divonnes, bowling in Gland, Aquaparc in Le Bouveret or cinema in Nyon. 

02.12.2015 - Terre Sainte Holiday Activities Centre

The Terre Sainte Holiday Activities Centre will be open in 2016 during the following weeks:

  • 4 to 8th of April
  • 4 to 8th of July 
  • 11 to 15th of July 
  • 17 to 21st of October (programs)

Please note that the weeks of July and October for the 4 to 7 years group will take place in the UAPE of Crans-près-Céligny and not in Commugny as usual as its UAPE will be unavailable during next summer and autumn. 

Registration is already available either on AJET web portal or by filling in the registration form.  

10.04.2015 - AJET web portal

In order to facilitate child registration and personal data management, AJET has built a web portal. Registrations can now be made using the following link AJET web portal. Registrations can still be made using the formulars available in the day care chapter.

01.04.2015 - After-school care facilities for schoolchildren (UAPE) 2015-2016 Registration

Registrations to the UAPEs for the 2015-2016 school year will be open from the 1st of April until the 30st of April. For newcomers, relevant information is availlable in the After-school care facilities for schoolchildren.

19.06.2014 - La Baraka - Terre Sainte youth and leisure centre

The Centre de jeunes et de loisirs de Terre Sainte (Terre Sainte youth and leisure centre) - la Baraka is expanding the range of activities on offer as from the start of the new school year in August 2014.

The new hours are as follows:

Monday - closed

Tuesday - open from 3:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Wednesday - open from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Thursday - open from 3:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Friday - open from 3:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Saturday - open from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Sunday - closed

Brochure with the new hours

04.06.2014 - Agreement with the Easy Kids crèche in Founex

To increase the number of collective pre-school day care places available to the residents of Terre Sainte, AJET signed an agreement with the Easy Kids crèche in early June.

AJET and the Easy Kids crèche have agreed to provide 5 day care places, initially under AJET terms and conditions. The agreement was set to take effect at the start of the new school year in August 2014 and places would be offered to families from Terre Sainte depending on availability at the Easy Kids crèche. Depending on the success of this partnership, the number of places rented by AJET could be increased over the coming 2 years, and other agreements signed with private nurseries in the region.

Registration, allocation of day care places, contracts and invoicing will be managed by AJET.