AJET web portal

Dear parents, 

The AJET web portal has been made to facilitate the registration process in either one or another AJET day care facility. 

The day care facilities available for this online registration are : 

  • Nursery-garderie les Coppalines (nursery day care)
  • Crèche Easy Kids (nursery day care)
  • Unité d'accueil pour écoliers (schoolchildren facilities )
  • Accueil en milieu familial (AMF - Family day care)
  • Centre d'animations de vacances de Terre Sainte (CAV - Holiday activities centre)

If your children are not yet registered in one day care facility, you can directly connect yourself on the web portal and register your personal data and day care requirements. Please note that you will need current work certificates signed by your employer, and potentially (UAPE and CAV) a photograph of your child in order to validate your registration. 

If your children are already registred in one day care facility (even on the waiting list), and you do not have yet a web account, please contact our administration info@ajet.ch giving your name, your child's name and a phone number in order to have it generated and sent to you.