Political authorities

The communes of Terre Sainte have been collaborating on matters of childhood and adolescence for many years now.

Together they built the collège des Rojalets in 1991 and, as an outgrowth of previously existing communal associations, created the Terre Sainte Child Day Care Association (AJET) in 2008, bringing together the day care facilities for schoolchildren (UAPEs), the Les Coppalines nursery-day care centre, and the family day care programme (AMF) and, in 2009, the Terre Sainte School Association (ASCOT) of primary and secondary schools.

To ensure optimal communication between schools and child day care facilities, the managing committees of the two associations comprise the same members (one municipal member per commune), which promotes synergies and a top-quality education for the children and young people of Terre Sainte.

Organizational setup of the various intercommunal associations concerned with childhood and schooling.