Post-compulsory streaming

At the end of compulsory schooling, the youngster must be fully prepared, in other words specialized and competitive. Whereas infants can afford to be carefree, teenagers must think seriously about their future, all the more so since, as of the age of 15, they are approaching the end of compulsory schooling and a world of numerous possibilities is opening up to them.

To take the right decisions, parents, school and adolescent must agree. If it turns out along the way that the adolescent must or wishes to change direction, there is a tried and tested system of "bridge year courses" or transitional structures (see examples given earlier), that allow him to take a more suitable path.

Here is how it works… Depending on their results and preferences, youngsters will sign up for a baccalaureate school education or a vocational education. In the first case, they study humanities and enter a baccalaureate school or an upper secondary specialized school. In the second case, they do an apprenticeship, whether through a vocational school or a trade school. Following is a brief description of the make-up of each of the four institutions.

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